Positively manage health 24*7 with BeeHealthee

Know your health

Current Medical Reports

This shows Reports of all medical investigations and consultations. Abnormal Reports are sorted...More

Track your health

Alerts for Upcoming Tasks

Missed medicine doses keep us less healthy. Healthcare schedules must be followed very regularly...More

Be active on your health

Achieved Health Targets

Sometimes health targets can be definitively set. This is especially possible...More

Archived Records

All records earlier than 3 months are secured in Archives. These include records of all medical reports...More

Healthcare Schedule

Entered prescriptions get automatically scheduled in daily time-wise schedule. This... More

Healthcare Compliance

Compliance with prescriptions can be recorded and displayed. Compliance with...More

Inputs from Doctors

In co-ordination with BeeHealthee Doc App direct inputs from the doctors / Consultants are...More


All upcoming appointments are listed here. Appointments can get entered directly from..More

Family Health

When in Care-giver/Mentor role, then the health of family members (Aged parents or minor children)...More

Feedback & Inputs from User

Any issue, complaint or feedback from user can be recorded with time and date. These records...More

Current Prescriptions

All Current prescriptions are listed here consultant-wise. Prescriptions can get entered directly from...More

Connect with Doctors

Doctors/Consultants/Care-givers can be allowed direct access to user’s parameters on...More