Total Health Care

Total Healthcare is especially vital for
Those with TOTAL Commitment to their own Healthcare even when healthy
Those with multiple healthcare issues


Those in a Caregiver role for others such as caring for family members, (elderly parents, minor children);
or Those caring for patients in a hospital or other healthcare institution such as healthcare professionals or social workers

When Active on ‘Total Health Care’
Care-givers and those being cared for can safely interact with each other directly on the App
Prescriptions from Doctors can directly load on the App
Users can conveniently follow time-wise daily healthcare schedule
Monitors Compliance and progress in Healthcare
Direct feedback to caregivers

Total Health Care includes: a) Know Your Health
b) Be Active on Health
c) Track your Health
d) Family Health (and other care-giver roles)

a) ‘Know your Health’ is the first step on Total Health Care. Enter ‘Reports of healthcare investigations and consultations’ under Current medical Reports
‘Archived Records’ show all past health records
Inputs from Doctor from BeeHealthee Doc App come directly on your user BeeHealthee App for easy implementation
Feedback and Inputs from user keeps time-wise record for review of all issues in healthcare faced by user at any time

b) Second section in ‘Total Health Care’ is ‘Action on your Health’. When Prescriptions and Appointments are entered on the App, a Time and date-wise schedule gets created with timely reminders and alerts to user.
Alerts are given both for upcoming prescriptions as well as for upcoming appointments Prescriptions can be entered by user or sent directly through doctor with BeeHealthee Doc. All current Prescriptions are displayed consultant-wise and details can be accessed. Date and time-wise schedule also helps in creating records which get archived for future reference

c) Third section in ‘Total Healthcare is ‘Track your Health’
Track Health by tracking compliance
Track health by monitoring healthcare Targets
Track health by direct linking with Doctor
Track health of family or when in Care-giver role

d) Total Health Care also includes Healthcare in Care-giver roles, such as Family Health when care-giver is taking care of aged parents or minor children’ or when caregiver is a healthcare professional taking care of patients in a healthcare institution or Hospital
Associate users are created on the App of caregiver. Once consent is given by the person being cared for then the care-giver gets limited access o patient’s data on the App. All entries fr patient are made at caregiver end. Patient gets Alerts and can give Feedback. Care-giver can manage and monitorhealthcare of the family member or any other being cared from the care-giver end of the app